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Whistler Slo Pitch House Rules    




  1. There shall be no visible jewellery worn.
  2. Players can be on more than 1 team as long as it is not in the same division. Male players cannot be on more than 2 teams and those teams must not be more than 2 divisions apart.
  3. Touching or crossing home plate is an out. Stay clear of the back catchers. In order for a run to count the base runner must cross the scoring line.
  4. The batter is out if they touch home plate before contact is made with the ball.
  5. Basebal helmets are mandatory while batting and running bases.
  6. The mercy rule is +12 after 5 innings.
  7. The final (open) inning should start no later than 70 minutes after the scheduled start time of a game. Umpires must use their best judgment to implement this.  



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