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Whistler Slo Pitch House Rules    



  1. The old 150’ line has been moved back to 175’.
  2. One (1) outfielder is allowed inside the 175’ line but must remain on the grass until the ball is hit.
  3. The on deck batter must give up right of way to the defender of the ball until TIME is called or an out may be given.
  4. The home run rule is “match + 2”. Any batter who hits a home run when their team is + 2 will be called out.
  5. The batter running to first base MUST touch the orange bag or they WILL be called out. The exception to this rule is if the batter is rounding first and heading to 2nd. If there is no play at 1st, the 1st base person must get out of the way.
  6. Any walk of 4 straight balls to a male batter with a female batter on deck puts the male batter on 2nd base. If there is a strike in the count the male batter walks to 1st base only.
  7. Each team is allowed 3 courtesy runners per game. If there is a designated injury mentioned at the time of the coin toss, the courtesy runner is not considered part of the 3 allowed. The courtesy runner must be different player each time.
  8. A FULL fielding team consists of 10 players.
  9. A team may field no more than 6 males and not less than 3 females. 
  10. The minimum number of players to field a team is 8, consisting of not more than 5 males and not less than 3 females.
  11. Any caught foul tip is an out. There does not need to be an arc. 



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