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Whistler Slo Pitch House Rules  




  1. The batting order is set at the beginning of the game and exchanged with the other team so both teams can keep score.
  2. No male may bat for a second time before all females have batted.
  3. No more than 2 males may bat in a row.
  4. Each team must bat a minimum of 4 female spots in the batting order. If there are only 3 females playing, they rotate through however many female spots are needed. There is no maximum number.
  5. A player may be added to the batting order until the order has been batted through. Report changes to the other team. 
  6. If a player is put on the batting order but they are not there to bat when it’s their turn, they are an out until they are available to bat. This may occur if a player is on the way but hasn’t shown up yet. 
  7. An injury sustained during the game which eliminates the player from the batting order will not be an automatic out if the order can adjusted by rotating the female batters, eliminating the male batter does not create more than 2 males in a row or a rostered player can be substituted in. Otherwise the spot WILL be an out. If the team must “pick up” to have the minimum players to continue, 1 point is forfeited. 

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